Useful Internet Links

This section contains useful internet links within clearnet as well as within darknet. If you have an idea for another useful website link which should be here, contact us.


Bible4u (Clear) .net | .bit | .lib | .libre

Clearnet version of this site.

This page provides a knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

The largest resource library with Bible data sets as API, ePub, PDF, text, XML, and more. Download the Bible text as data for your digital projects, apps, and websites.


Multilingual site linking Christian resources (Bible, audio, video, comic, applications, guides).


This site provides access to the Bible (Scriptures in Old Testament and New Testament) in indigenous languages: text, audio, and video formats to download to your device or read online.

Aionian Bible

The world's first Holy Bible untranslation. Two hundred sixteen versions. Ninety-nine world languages 100% free to copy & print.


Bible4u (Freenet)

Freenet version of this site.

True Christian Resources

Several Bibles as well as Christian books to download.


Bible4u (I2P)

I2P version of this site.


Bible4u (IPFS) .app | .eth | .crypto | hash

IPFS version of this site turned into a progressive web app.

The Eternal Word hash | .eth

Bringing digital copies of the Bible to where it is banned or censored.


Bible4u (Lokinet)

Lokinet version of this site.


Bible4u (Tor)

Tor version of this site.

The Holy Gospel - Bringing Light to the Dark Web!

This website is dedicated to providing secure access to the Christian Bible and New Testament texts to countries where the bible is forbidden.


Bible4u (Yggdrasil) ipv6 | .net | .lib | .ygg

Yggdrasil version of this site.


Bible4u (Zeronet) address | .bit

ZeroNet version of this site.

Bible in HTML (King James Version) address | .bit

King James version in HTML.

Bible in HTML (Chinese Union Traditional) address | .bit

Chinese Union Traditional in HTML

KJV Bible

KJV Bible version in HTML.

World English Bible address | .bit

World English Bible version in HTML.

Holy Bible (Chinese) address | .bit

Chinese version in HTML.